Homeownership Program Property Information

How much does a Habitat for Humanity house cost?

The value of Habitat for Humanities properties are the fair market value determined through an appraisal.

The monthly mortgage payment for homebuyers will be no more than 30% of your monthly gross income. 

Are Habitat homes new?

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity has a number of home-purchasing options:

  • Homes designed and built from the ground up
  • Homes that have been purchased and renovated
  • Open Market homes that qualified applicants purchase with the TruePath Mortgage product, offered by TCHFH Lending, Inc.

If you qualify to purchase a home through Habitat, you will learn more about these different options based on eligibility in relation to your family size, income, and savings.

What size house can I get?

The size of a homebuyer's household will determine the size of the property (bedrooms) they are eligible to purchase. 

Household size Bedrooms
1-5 2-6
6 3-6
7+ 4-6

Can I rent out my Habitat home?

To purchase a property through Habitat, it is required that the property be owner-occupied. 

If you choose, you can rent out a room(s) but you must continue to live in the home. 

Does Habitat rent apartments, townhouses, or single-family homes?

Habitat for Humanity programs focus on affordable homeownership by building and renovating single-family homes, townhomes, and twin homes for first-time homebuyers to purchase.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity does not offer rental opportunities. For assistance with rental resources, please visit our Helpful Resources page.

How do I get a Habitat house?

To purchase a Habitat home you must apply, meet eligibility criteria, and successfully complete our Homeownership Program.

The application process starts with completing the 3-page eligibility questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire you will receive an email that provides information regarding next steps. 

Once you apply, and meet eligibility, you will work with a Homeownership Advisor on assessing and addressing your financial readiness. Once coaching is complete and homebuyers meet mortgage-ready criteria, they will be presented with their options - including our Homeownership Program - to move forward with their homebuying journey.

With successful program completion and verified mortgage eligibility, you will be able to purchase a home with Habitat for Humanity.

When can I see homes?

After successfully completing the Homeownership Program and becoming mortgage-ready.

Habitat homes are available to homebuyers in Habitat's Homeownership Program upon successful completion of financial coaching and meeting mortgage-ready criteria.

It is at this point you will start to receive property letters that detail which Habitat homes you are able to purchase based on household size, income, and savings.