Homeownership Program Matching Pool

I don't want any of the homes offered, can you send another list of homes?

Current property listings can be found by visiting the View Listings tab on our website.

For homebuyers in the Habitat for Humanity matching pool, property letters are sent out monthly and include all of the currently available listings Habitat Homebuyers are able to purchase. 

Why do I keep receiving the same list of homes?

Property letters are generated to show our homebuyers all of the current, available Habitat homes you are able to purchase based on your household size, income, and savings.

We are unable to customize property letters based on previous feedback.

I am interested in looking at a Habitat home, do you have tours or open houses available?

Due to staffing restrictions, we are unable to accommodate any showing of properties. 

If you are a Habitat homebuyer that has selected and been matched to a property, we will contact you to discuss and schedule a property viewing. 

How do I know if I am matched to a property?

If you selected and are matched to a property, Habitat for Humanity staff will contact you to discuss next steps.

If you are not matched, you will not be contacted.