Habitat Home Locations

Can I choose my own house and where it will be built?

If you are buying a house on the open market using Habitat’s mortgage, then you will be able to decide which house you purchase and where it is located. If you are buying a house that was built or renovated by Habitat, you will be given a list of homes to choose from. The decision about where it is located cannot be changed after you commit to buying. If you qualify to purchase a home through Habitat, you will learn about the homes you are eligible to buy based on your family size and income.

If I buy with Habitat, do I get to choose where I want to live?

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity develops and builds, as well as renovates, homes in the seven-county Twin Cities metro area. As a qualified applicant, you will have the option to select a Habitat for Humanity property of your choosing. Habitat will not match you to a house you do not want.

To see current Habitat home listings and areas, please visit our Property Listings.

Habitat is not able to build a custom home for qualified buyers in any neighborhood.

If you qualify for TCHFH Lending, Inc.'s TruePath Mortgage product, you can obtain a pre-approval to work with a realtor and pursue properties through the open market. 

Where does Habitat for Humanity build?

Twin Cities metro area.

Habitat for Humanity builds in the 7-county metro area (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington).

For listings of where we currently have properties please visit our Current Listings.